Windmill Creek


Monthly assessments are due on the first of the month and are $38 for Unit 2(starting 1/1/2022). 100% of your assessment is allocated to the Association’s “Common Fund”, which covers the maintenance and landscaping of all common areas within the Association and management of Association activities.

Homeowners are encouraged to pay by auto debit to avoid missed payments and accrual of late fees. Such late fees are $50 per month assessed after the 15th of the month. Contact Alice Nimrod for Auto-Debit form for Windmill Creek or Arbors. (847) 724-7850


Landscaping will occur in Common Areas from approximately April 15th through November 15th. Throughout season the following services will be provided (number in parentheses indicate the number of times in a season the service will be provided):

Common Area Services

  • Weekly, turf shall be cut to a height of two to three inches as conditions dictate

  • Edge/Cultivate Beds and Tree Rings

  • Pruning of Shrubs (2)

  • Round One Turf Application (1)

  • Round Two Turf Application (1)

  • Round Three Turf Application (1)

  • Pre-emergent/Fertilize Beds (2)

  • Pruning of Groundcover

  • Perennial Bed Care

  • Edge Sidewalks (4)

  • Hand Weed/Spot Spray Beds

  • Spot Prune Trees less than 10'

Please contact Joe Nimrod of Nimrod Realty Group with any questions or concerns. 847.724.7850 (ext 17)​