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From the Village of Antioch Police Department

Home Modifications

If you want or plan to make any modifications to the outside of your home, or erect anything, you must follow proper HOA procedures by filling out an ACC Form AND obtaining approval from the Board of Directors before you move forward.

From The Village

Flushing Garbage per the Village:

While performing maintenance on the lift stations a volume of household and miscellaneous debris is being found which is caused by flushing these items down the toilet. This can cause a blockage in the sewer system. Items such as Swiffer cloth mops, rags, wipes(sold as disposable) etc. are just some of the things being found. Please dispose of these items properly. 

Beaver Neighbors

Windmill Creek HOA has been working to manage relations with our beaver neighbors to maintain a healthy ecosystem and limit damage caused by their wild forestry practices.  Map below.


Garbage Pick-up is Thursday mornings.

Monthly Payments

If you are unable to pay your monthly assessment in full, please contact Alice Nimrod at 847.724.7850 to work out a payment plan and avoid additional late fees.

In the event that you fall behind two or more payment cycles, and have not worked out a payment plan, you may be subject to collection proceedings.

Community Reminders


Please be respectful of our Community by making sure your vehicles are not blocking the sidewalks. This is in accordance with Illinois Vehicle Code which was adopted by the Village of Antioch under Village code (7-1-1) which insures the safety of our Community, children and visitors.​ 


When driving through the neighborhood, please be on on the watch for children playing and running into the street without looking as they are sometimes known to do.  Be mindful of your speed.  Although the posted speed limit in the subdivision is 25 MPH, slow down when you see children playing.  You never know what they will do.  

Also, please obey all stop signs.  Accidents will and have happened.  Be advised that Illinois passed a new law, starting Jan 1, 2014 prohibiting cell phone use without a hands free device while driving.  Drive carefully!


Please remember that garbage and recycling cans are not to be left out after midnight on the day of pickup.  Garbage and recycling cans must be stored in the garage or behind a wooden fence enclosure or other natural barrier where they are not visible from the street.


Board of Directors


Clint Monroe (term ends 2024)

Vice President

Mike Regnier (term ends 2024)


Nathan Tews (term ends 2024)


Mikki MaGee (term ends 2023)


Lindsey Sullivan (term ends 2023)

Association Management

Nimrod Realty Group

Property Manager

Joe Nimrod

847.724.7850 (ext 17)